About Us

We at Galaxy Marmo offer products that guarantees quality, beauty and purity which will stand the test of time. We offer a massive range of imported marble, granite and onyx that are dramatic in their mergers of colours and patterns. We have been travelling across the globe to fetch marble of diverse royalties to match your culture and concepts.

We focus upon distribution of high quality, durable product plus superior client service which provide our customers a competitive, lead and devise values for their businesses. Our various range of designs, classic to modern and antique to contemporary gives our customers a countless choice.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a globally eminent company with market existence among the builders and real ranch developers who serve a warmth for natural stone like marble, granite and onyx. We believe in building long term relationship with our customers.

Our Vision

To produce extraordinary and exotic natural stone and prepare them accessible for our customers at affordable price that would make your dream home’s visually appealing and durable across generation. With a vision of better home Galaxy Marmo strives to be the best marble supplier of Northern India.

We select exquisite pieces from countries like Italy, France, USA, Egypt and India itself.

The designs we offer are unconventionally heavenly.

The dreamy spots and waves bring serenity to your eyes and calm your mind and soul. If we talk about India, our marble range is classified in diverse categories which define specifications of each culture India holds within its geographical boundaries. Galaxy Marmo has a fully equipped showroom at Sat bari, New Delhi. This showroom reflects a demo of the quality which is offered by us. We have a number of Italian Machinery which give the best of results and a team of around 400 professionals like engineers, managers, technicians etc. We keep a keen eye on the quality marble. Your happiness is our only strategy.

Our Story

In 2009, Galaxy Marmo established with a vision to pick the best marble from unique places across the globe and bring them to India. Today, Galaxy Marmo has turned out to be one of the largest vendors of marble in India. We offer such a range of marble which is elusive for other parts of the market of marble. The collection comprises of hundreds of varieties straight from Italy, Egypt, France, Turkey etc. We own a huge warehouse located in the heart of India, New Delhi. Botticino Classico, Perlato Sicilia, Perlato Royal, Dyna Marble and many more marble of magnificent qualities are sourced from best vendors in the market, these products are of high quality and even better functionality.

Our Journey

Our journey started from rags and now we’re here, providing top quality marble taken up from different corners of the world and manufacturing new age material like Porcelain slabs. The marble we showcase have uptown design and quality and it has brought about a revolution is the world of architecture. Every one in the industry trusts us, be it in the case of Hotels, residences, corporate offices, showrooms, farm houses, offices, clubs etc. We keep a keen eye on our customer requirement and we promise to surprise our customers with the best and the finest quality marble.

About the Product

We at Galaxy Marmo, provide a wide variety of marble to suit every personality and every pocket, from vegas gold to rose pink. This allows you to choose wisely and solve your purpose. Be it at Home or in Hotel, we’ve got a long list of marble to choose from. Imported marble – Imported marble look royal and are very rigid. Imported marble like Botticino classico, De martino etc. from us are currently being used at elite hotels and resorts. Be it texture or waves, these marble stop the list when we talk about imported marble. Imported Granite – Imported granite is elegant and durable. Brown pearl, peacock green, black pearl etc. have a very high demand in the market. They are much reasonable yet classy. Indian Granite – Indian granite is much harder than marble. its coloured grains make it loo much appealing because they are splattered. P white, B white, tan brown etc. are the most renowned in the list.

From the Chairman

Dear friends, I only had a dream and a vision when I entered the marble industry. A dream to cover the market with imported marble. I had this motto in my life. It’s been years, I’ve been working in this field and by God’s grace, we’ve come up with great results. The entire team and all the employees of galaxy have been working day and night to reach where we are today. We’ve been travelling around the world to enhance our range of marble. When it comes to the products we give out to our customers, its not just marble. It’s the combined effort of our entire team of working professionals and their edge cutting skills. They are the major gems of Galaxy, it’s them who put us on our feet. When we were mere beginners to the industry, no one had faith in us, but as we grew and started doing better day by day, I realised, with vision and determination one can go to longest lengths and reach greatest heights. This journey from being an apprentice to one of the top marble companies of the country showed me the real meaning of life and essence of hardwork.

We Understand your choices!

Corporate Profile

Galaxy marmo is working in the marble industry since 2009. The products we manufacture are unbeatable in terms of quality and the rest of the products are sourced from the best vendors of the market, these products are highly appreciated for their quality.

We keep international standards in mind when we show you the marble we have. We use unrivalled technology and machinery. All the products are available in finishes of different degree and standards. These products are available at cost effective rates and perfect functionality.

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