Galaxy marmo curates for you some of the best marble from around India and some imported ones too. They are the best marble dealers in Chhatarpur available to serve its customers with great home decor marble with beautiful designs standing straight on the fashion expectations of its buyers, making their imaginations come true in their home. There is a leading range of different marble available in the showroom and people often get confused between onyx and statuario marble which are both used for home decor and styling purposes. 
So here are some differences between both of them-:

●AppearanceOnyx marble has a natural and beautiful white colour with different variations being stricken with a shade of gold and grey. On the other hand, Statuario marble also contains heavy, bold gray veining mixed with thinner patterns.

● Application

Onyx marble is used for wall cladding,light duty home floors,sinks base,and tables.onyx could also be used for novelty items such as vases,urns,wine goblets,lamps,and bowls. statuario marble is an ideal stone for indoor applications such as kitchen countertops and backsplashes,bathroom vanities,and floor tiles. Statuario marble should not be used for 
exterior applications

● Durability

Being made from natural stone, onyx countertops can last up to many years when cared for and maintained properly.So,you might not have to replace it in your lifetime.Staturio marble has also high durability and is more rigid and strong then onyx marble.Both the marble calls for regular cleaning and maintenance to make them more dependable.

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