Architects and artists use marble to make an everlasting statement. They can give your home a timeless and elegant look with marble. Either they are imported or quarried from your home country they are best for flooring or indoor and outdoor purposes.

Best marble in delhi

Some best imported marble are-: 

Italian Marble – Italian Marble brings refined elegance to interiors and provides endless design possibilities. It is also easy to clean and an attractive addition to almost any room. They are clean, do not carry any allergens, and are resistant to mold and focus. The durability of Italian marble is as simple as referencing strong.

Maintenance of this Marble – Dust mop and damp mop the marble floor is required at least once a day. Since most stone flooring is porous, be sure to blot any spills immediately. Do not use cleaning products that contain any acid content like lemon juice, vinegar, or ammonia-based cleaners.

Onyx marble – Onyx is one of the most beautiful natural stones. This greatly under-utilized material is versatile and elegant allowing it to look good almost anywhere.Onyx is considered luxurious in the world of stone for many reasons. This softer stone is considered more delicate than other natural stones including marble. It is lightweight, translucent, and available in many different colors.

Maintenance of this marble – These countertops require special care to retain their beauty. They must be sealed upon installation and re-sealed at regular intervals, and should be polished occasionally. If there are spills, the stone should be cleaned immediately using a special formula cleaner. With proper care, your onyx will last for years.

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